I’m going to go over some fundamental aspects of your thinking that is probably ruining your relationships, killing your chances of having a happy life where you could be pleased and happy with yourself, and is causing you to feel shame, guilt, and unhappiness over things that you absolutely have no reason to be feeling those things!

In fact, these ideas I’m going to talk about are so simple and banal, most everyone miss it… but, they go back to the very roots of your thinking. They were programmed in your mind from a time in your childhood when you didn’t even think to ask any questions, you just took what the “authority figure (grownups)” said as absolute truth.

When you really understand what I’m about to talk about, you’ll begin to discover how you can begin to have more incredible relationships with more people (and you’ll see why). You’ll feel better about yourself and the things you act on that you used to feel shame, guilt, and fear of doing… and you’ll discover how you can just be happy all the time and know how to make other people feel happy.

If you’re a man reading this, it’s important that you spread the word and help women understand and emancipate themselves because not doing so actually sucks for you. If you’re a woman reading this, you will start to truly understand yourself deeper… you will discover how you actually live in a world where you are enslaved by society (you are in a “double-bind” that I’ll go into later…), and you’ll find out how you can begin to free yourself from this oppression and begin to live by your own rules, feel good about yourself, feel good about your innate desires, and have an amazing, fun, and happy life where you get to live it as big as you want!

These fundamental ‘truths’ won’t even surprise you. You’ll simply immediately recognize, “Hey, that’s reasonable and true.” Most people that hear what I’m about to tell you recognize it immediately and they usually say something like, “You’re right! I’ve wasted all my life believing in something I didn’t actually really ‘know’ to be true, instead, most of what I know were just things I heard and not think to debate any deeper.”

For some people, this information fights with their ego for a few days or weeks (because that’s the job of the ego… to not be diminished – but remember, you aren’t your ego), and then they come to comfort with it later and realize it’s true, as you’ll discover… the facts that were given were truly logical, based on irrefutable reason, and have always been self-evident!

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